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Responsibly Disclosing Bugs/Vulnerabilities

I (ToastXC) maintain a lot of software, mainly by myself. Most of the software is for fun but some are used by other people and as such I have the responsibly to ensure that it is secure. And as users of my services/software you have the responsibility to privately report critical bugs to me.


Most of the software I create is licensed under GNU/GPLv3, if a certain creative work has an unspecified license assume that it is GPLv3. While there are many differences between 'All Rights Reserved' and Copyleft licenses both are legally binding and failure to abide by either is unlawful and grounds for taking legal action.

GPLv3 Documentation

Abuse & CoC

If any members of the community (Minecraft, Revolt, Jellyfin or other) are behaving in a way that is undesirable or illegal report this privately


Issues that can/should not be reported privately over Github must be forwared to this email address

[email protected]